Monday, August 10, 2009

There IS crying in baseball!

I'm so proud of Trent. I've been crying off & on since the home run tonight - his 3rd in 5 days! He's worked so hard. Spent so many years in the minor leagues. Stuck in AAA for 3 seasons watching other guys pass him by. He was not a power guy last season. He's naturally a good top of the order guy, a table setter. Overall, he did better there than when they had him hitting at the bottom of the order, which was most of the time. He's always been fast. Used to be a bit impatient at the plate. It was sometimes a struggle for him to lay off. I haven't had a chance to actually see him this season because he's been in another city, but watching him on the Dbacks I can really see how much he has matured as a hitter, even since one year ago. So many nights last season he'd come home after a game, tired, frustrated. We'd talk about hitting. When to swing, whether to swing, whether or not to think about it. He had some really unhappy, frustrated times. He also had a lot of great games, offensively and defensively. We all thought he was ready at the beginning of this season, but the extra time and experience seem to have paid off.

Minor leagues suck. It's just hard. Medical school and residency suck too, but at least you know for sure you'll be a doctor, and you keep going in one direction. In baseball, you never know what will happen, you go up, you go down, you ... just never know.

Here's the link to his first post-game interview. There's my boy - great smile, familiar voice and accent. Sounds normal to me, of course, because I've had Aussies in my house for 3 seasons.

His mom (his real mom) will be flying in from Sydney this week. I can't wait to meet her. (I'm crying again!)

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