Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Minnie Ripperton

@yayayarndiva said she was listening to "Loving You" by Minnie Ripperton. I tweeted a short version of a story about that song and she wanted to learn more, so here's a longer version.

I was in Chile in a town in the mountains in what I thought was supposed to be their summer, or at least their spring. It was too fkncold for me and I got sick and I needed a break to a warmer climate, so I took a 25 hour bus ride from Santiago de Chile to Arica, the northernmost town in the country (and on the beach and, therefore, warmer). Somewhere in the middle of that amazing journey through, among other things, the most desolate landscape I've ever seen (the Atacama desert), we stopped at a little cafe/diner. There was nothing else around, at least in my memory, but this little restaurant. We had a half hour to eat and use the facilities. It was close to the time to get back on the bus, I was sitting on a bench outside the restaurant. A beautiful little girl was sitting next to me. Minnie Ripperton was singing "Loving You" on the radio. It was a peaceful and lovely few minutes.

So, Mimi, that song reminds me of that day.

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