Monday, August 31, 2009

The Physics of Vampire Sex

(dare I post this?) A new blog's first entry was sent to me by a friend via Twitter. Here is my comment/response:

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  1. Hi there, Laura,
    Thanks so much for replying to my blog, that made my day. I wasn't really sure anyone would be looking to discuss vampire sex... Like yourself, I am not a huge vampire fan, but I love True Blood. That must just be the perfect lure for people on the fence. I think the mix of Louisiana back-waters/ Southern charm characters and the integration of vampires as a sub-culture of humanity that are demanding to be seen as equal citizens is a great hook.Well, and the boobs. I don't think many people: male, female, gay, straight have a problem seeing boobs.
    So cool hearing from you, and thanks again. for stopping by and offering your opinion on the subject. It made my evening.