Thursday, August 6, 2009

Goin' to the Show!

One of my baseball players is going to the Majors!

I suppose I should explain. I live within walking distance from the Colorado Rockies Spring Training site. I've been hosting minor league players at Spring Training for several seasons - all Aussies. They call me their American Mum. Another Aussie who's with the Arizona Diamondbacks (they train in town but at another site) joined our little family in 2008. Trent Oeltjen has been in AAA for 3 seasons. It's been tough to watch a number of his AAA buddies go up for their taste of coffee without him. But last night he finally got the call!

He's goin' to the Show!

The Diamondbacks are in Pittsburgh today, Washington DC for the weekend, and home on Monday. You'd better believe I'll be there! I'll take my 10 year old nephew and Harry Potter (the new 15 year old). I'm sure Trent's girlfriend will come in from San Diego for the game. Can't wait to cheer him on!

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