Saturday, August 8, 2009


My Aussie kid, Trent Oeltjen, has had quite a first 2 days in the major leagues. In his first game, he got a hit in his first ML at bat. Went 2 for 6 and the other hit was his first ML home run! He stole TWO bases. His first ever fielding opportunity in the majors led to an out at 2nd base. Wow! Not many guys have a first game like that one. See boxscore, one to keep!

In his second game, he was already 0 for 3 when he was called out at first, but it was a bad call. Replay shows he made it. His manager got in the umpires face. They were screaming at each other and you could see the bad words on the TV closeups. Manager A.J. Hinch g
ot tossed. Cool! Trent got a hit on his next at bat.

I know I'm not his real mom, but I feel like a proud mama!

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