Sunday, March 28, 2010

Goldilocks and the Three Steaks

So, Shane bought a LOT of steak the other day. Big fat 2-inch thick steaks. I fancy myself a pretty good amateur chef, but one thing I have never been able to master is The Steak. The guys like to grill, and usually Shane can make me a perfect steak, medium-rare to rare, but there must be a trick to cooking these really thick ones. BTW, I have no idea what cut of meat they got, and neither do they.

Since Shane spends a lot of time in "the city to the north" with his girlfriend, Adam and I have been experimenting with the steaks. Adam cooked for us last night. It was RARE. Even too bloody for me, and I like it pretty bloody. So I spent today looking at steak recipes from all my cookbooks and the Internet. I thought I'd give it a shot tonight, I even used a meat thermometer, but I went too far in the other direction.

Last night the steak was too rare. Tonight the steak was much too cooked.

We're gonna try again. Maybe it will be just right.


  1. Take it from a real 'Goldilocks' (yes, my students used to call me that) you've gotta grill good steaks. 4-6 mins per side (depending on thickness), turning just once. use a decent dry-rub, or basic seasonings... good steaks don't need a lot... and for your Aussie friend, 'throw a shrimp on the barbie' as well :)

  2. Grill lid open or closed? Temp of grill? (mine has a thermometer, so I can preheat it to a certain temp)

  3. GRRR... had it typed in, went to 'post comment' under google account, and it disappeared!

  4. OK,
    Get grill Hot Hot Hot... 450-500
    Meanwhile, season/dry rub steaks and let rest at room temp for at least 20-30 mins

    Throw steaks on for one min, and flip over to a clear hot part of grill (seals in juices) turn heat down to low to medium low. Cook for about 4-6 mins and turn anonther 3-5 mins.. Rarer steaks should be cooked at higher temps (medium heat), shorter time, medium to well (ug, I hate cooking steaks to well done but must) cooked at lower temps, slower time. after about 3 mins, you can check steak by pushing down a litle and look at juices or cutting near bone, as that is where steak is the rarest.

    This is just a quick guide, a lot depends on steak thickness and what you consider rare, Med-rare, and medium-well. steaks like most will cook for a few mins after coming off grill (just like roasts from the oven)
    let them rest a couple of mins.
    As for the lid up/down, I usually have mine down, but that is because i like to throw some wood chips on to give a little more flavor.

    Serve with grilled onions and bell peppers (esp red) and a good Cab.

    Hope this helps, your results may vary.. :)