Monday, January 4, 2010

SLEEP apnea

Dad had a panic attack, so I went over. Short PMHx is: 79 y.o. w/ CHF, DM, HTN, pacer/AICD, paroxysmal a-fib on Coumadin, DJD, GAD, OSA. Did I miss anything? For the last several months the SLEEP apnea (he says it with a stress on the word SLEEP) is torturing him. It's like two well-established forms of torture: suffocation and sleep deprivation. He has been an anxious person all his life, but it's worse, if that's even possible, with the OSA. There was nothing I could do for him, so we went outside, wrapped him in some blankets for the frigid 55 degree weather, and did some slow, deep breathing. We'll try to get him in to see "that SLEEP apnea lady" to see if she can adjust his CPAP. I wanted him to start at 12 cmwp, but she started him at 8 and inched him up to 10. Shoulda started him at 12 like I said.


  1. Get him with a machine with software that monitors apneas, hypopneas, mask leaks and pressure. Then he can observe the data over a few weaks and gradually tweak his pressure settings until an optimal therapy is achieved.

    If you are not doing this at home with your own machine and software, you are unlikely to get an optimal therapy.

  2. That should be "weeks" not "weaks".

  3. Thanks, Roger. I'll ask about that.